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Energy Saving
PV Solar (grid connected), Solar Hot Water, Natural Gas, LED Lighting

Pv solar
At MEGALS we give you the facts to make an informed decision about your PV Solar Energy options. We offer no obligation quotes. MEGALS Clean Energy Accredited electricians can design a quality system  for you, complete the installation and guide you through the grid connection process.  We use and recommend quality products - SMA Inverters and Suntech Panels.  MEGALS offer you the peace of mind that should you need back up service we are local and contactable.  We can also complete an annual system check to ensure you system is operating correctly.

Solar hot water
MEGALS have partnered with Apricus Australia, Australia’s leading evacuated tube Solar Hot Water Supplier. Together we aim to provide solar hot water systems that are of the highest quality, competitively priced, and all backed by superior after sales service & warranties.  Replacing an electric hot water system with a Solar System still has financial incentives for the buyer even though the Federal Government Solar Hot Water Rebate no longer exists. 

Natural Gas
With LPG prices and electricity going up, natural gas can be a cost effective alternative.  Natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel available today, so you’ll be helping the environment and saving your money. MEGALS can get you connected and running on natural gas. Incentives and Rebates for replacing your electric hot water system with gas.

Led Lighting
Save up to 80% of your lighting costs by installing LED globes in your home or office.  LED’s are instant start, have a very long life span and cost less money to run. If you are building a new home or would like to replace your existing lights MEGALS can assist you to keep your lighting costs down.